eresource opens MidEast Office in Sharjah, UAE

To support the region’s business growth and meet the increasing market demand for a reliable and affordable ERP system, eresource, India’s leading ERP solution provider has opened its Middle East office in Sharjah, UAE last week. The new venture will be known as ‘eresource Middle East (FZE).

“Opening our UAE office marks an important step towards our expansion plans also showcase the growth path that we are moving towards”, said Mr. Vivek Jingade, Director of Sales & Marketing, eresource Infotech Pvt Ltd.  “Our strategic initiative to open an office in the region will help us to serve our customers very closely and actively thus making our objectives like Guaranteed On-Time Implementation and timely technical assistance more realistic,” he stated.

“Our current clients’ list includes organizations from the Middle East, Africa and India. As the global demand for our robust ERP consulting services increases, we will be expanding our presence in other regions that are experiencing economic growth,” Mr. Vivek said.

Mr. Vivek Jingade further said: “Most of our clients are big organizations whose business operations are spread over different locations across the globe thus integration of business operations becomes a complex issue for these organizations. It is also our prime objective is to help them in operational procedures by implementing an intelligently integrated ERP system which will allow them to work freely and efficiently from any location.”

Mr. Sudheer Nair, CEO and Managing Director, eresource, will head the Middle East operations and all implementation and other operations will take place under his direct guidance.

About eresource Infotech Private Limited

eresource , founded in 2006, is one of the few companies offering a wide range of ERP solution for different verticals. Growing as a leading enterprise solution company, eresource provides end-to-end solutions that leverage technology-enabling customers to grow their business. eresource serves many client in India and abroad and as one of the pioneers of Web-based ERP solution.

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The Next Billionaire


Recently I was interviewed on BBC News World for their “Weekend” program, which is a mixture of different news items. In the India Report, I was featured under “The Next Billionaire” section ( ). The whole thing has left me  think about what is it about being a rich man.


sudheernairbbcWhen we started eresource our intention was not just make more money, but incidentally we made money by selling an excellent ERP Software. We are a product company and we love great products. It is our inclination to make a great ERP product that we would be proud of. That made eresource possible.  Today people are looking eresource has a reliable ERP system and that was our dream. We are happy that our dream has come true. At eresource we always work as a team. There is not much difference between employer and employee. We have created a working atmosphere where everyone feels relaxed and performs their duty in a very efficient manner. We are always trying to do better and keep our customers happy and satisfied. That is our prime objective.  We don’t claim eresource is the best product in the ERP market, but there is no doubt we are second to none. We do not count our success based on the right column in our balance sheet, but implementing the right solution to our customers.  Our customers are our guiding spirit.  We work as per their requirement and implement a great product which brings smiles in their faces. We value that smiles bigger than any other rewards and money that we can earn.


As far as I am concerned, I have never worried about money.  I have not born rich. Today, if at all, I have some money it is made  through sheer hard work and dedication.. I have seen both sides of life. Therefore, nothing can stop me from taking risk and growing high. That’s the one lesson I have learned from my life.  eresource is result of that attitude. From a humble beginning to the CEO of India’s leading ERP software company, I dedicate my success to my own hard work and self confidence, nothing else.  People ask me what was my capital when I started eresource. My answer to them is: in terms of money nil, only hard work and self-confidence. Today when I am looking back, I must be a fully satisfied person,  because I was instrumental in  producing a product that will be cherished for years to come.

However, I have more miles to go before I sleep.

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How to make an ERP project successful

The one similar question that I had to encounter in my everyday schedule, is the ERP really help companies achieve anything better? It is not just possible to give a straight answer to this question. Because it depends on many factors.

From my experience, an ERP tool is just one piece of business performance instrument. Many factors jointly contribute to the success of an ERP system. A well designed business processes, establishing and measuring performance level, efficient working of your workforce and the well designed business structure of your organization and effective employee training to use the new system are just a few aspects that can have a huge impact on the success of your ERP system.

For me the most thrilling part of an ERP project is its Go-Live session. Because it is the most exciting, difficult and confusing moment as far as an ERP project is concerned. It the first step towards a long and challenging journey ahead.

From our past experience we are fortunate to complete all our projects on time and our dedicated and hardworking team members have made it possible to Go-Live all our projects on time. Most of the companies that we have dealt with are from the SME segments and it makes me happy that we could implement all these ERP projects within their limited budget that too in a limited time period.

Responsibility of an ERP vendor just doesn’t end with a successful implementation alone. It is also our responsibility to oversee the effect of the new system has on the organization. We must make sure the users are using the system effectively and perfectly that would bring the desired result of the system.

Attending these issues carefully and honestly is the responsibility of the vendor and any negligence in the part of a vendor could be a reason for failure of the system.

User training is one of the most important part of a successful ERP usage. During the training session senior project team members should be leveraged to provide general support and answer simple, process and system focused questions. Even after go-live, there may be a possibility of confusion and lack of complete understanding of the system among the users. This lack of understanding of the system should not be attributed to a problem with the system and the senior project team members should be available to resolve any confusion.

Training session must provide training tools, such as flow chart sheets and training documentation. This will make employees more comfortable with the system more quickly and thoroughly. Refresher training should also be provided as needed on an on-going basis.

All the above aspects are equally contribute to a successful implementation and operations of an ERP system. A clearly defined go-live and on-going support processes as part of an ERP project, can better leverage the ERP technology to realize real business benefits and ROI from the ERP project.

Best Wishes / SN

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Satisfaction Should Be The Cornerstone Of The Office, Happiness The Aspiration

October 21, 2013 Leave a comment


Make your employees feel ‘At Home’!

“Home is where the heart is”.

How often have we heard this quote? Most of us will agree that home is where we were raised, where we played, laughed, cried, and learnt. It is where we grew and became what we are today-strong, independent and confident. This may be why we do not see it as a structure with only four walls and a roof-It is much more than that. Home is a place filled with stories, a place where memories are made and a place where we interact with a very important group of people; our family. And it is here that we get unconditional support and guidance. This might be the secret of the positive energy that the home exudes.

Yes, this article is about happiness at the workplace and, not at home. However, there are a few things that organizations and people leaders can do to make their employees feel ‘at home’ at their workplace. For it is undeniable that most people today spend far more number of hours at office than at home. Read on, as I demystify the term ‘Happiness at the Workplace’ for, your employees are your extended family!!

My journey-from ‘being’ happy to ‘giving’ happiness!

In my 2 decades of experience, I have played various roles-that of an employee, a people leader and an entrepreneur. I strongly believe that a healthy and bonded relationship between the employer and employee is the essence of any business success. When the relationship is nurturing, happiness will blossom and bear fruit. A deep rooted employer confidence in his employee is visible in the face of the employee and needless to say that this is a reality and not merely a philosophy.

Though the above is true, I also understand that not all the employees of an organization can be equally happy with their employers. The reason for their unhappiness could vary, but the disturbing fact is that people managers do not make attempts to address or understand the cause of their unhappiness. I strongly believe that the manager is an important interface between the management and the employees and he/she has a major role to play in ensuring a conducive working environment. As they say, ‘People Leave Managers not organizations!’.

While listing down points that managers should take to ensure employee happiness, I would like to add that making employee’s feel ‘at home’ is not the sole responsibility of the manager in question, but an integral business need of an organization. I would like to share with our readers, a few points that can be kept in mind while trying to ensure that their ‘family’ is happy. Some of these are oft repeated but there is no harm introspecting on them, isn’t it?

1) Build an appetite for what you do:
Just go back and think about the enthusiasm you have, while playing a game. Think of the adrenalin rush and the flurry of emotions when you won a game. The reason why we look forward towards victory and are excited to play is because we enjoy every bit of it.

Similarly, unless you are happy with the nature of your work, you cannot be happy in your workplace. This is also true while you try to instill motivation down the line. It is important for the people manager to understand and savor every bit of his work. He needs to take proactive steps to ensure that the team is one, while trying to motivate each of them to victory and also ensuring the journey is a fruitful and nurturing one. Sometimes, managers need to ensure that team members see the value addition of the job rather than focusing on the monthly paycheck. Any work without proper meaning and satisfaction can never be given 100%. This may be a reason why everyone is not successful in their professional work. And this is definitely something that the manager can influence! 

2) Change, Growth and Mental Stimulation:

In most cases, the work nature seldom changes. The same routine job does not seem to be interesting to everybody, especially Gen Y. Even today, service sectors and government employment seems to be most sought after. However, in the long run, most of these employees are not really happy with their work or workplace. This happens because a majority of them are doing a routine job for years or decades without much variation. Inefficiency of our government sector employees are a result of this unhappiness in their work place or with the nature of their work. Change or growth here does not just mean moving up the ladder, but techniques like job rotation, enlargement etc. are something that managers and organizations must proactively do. This also ensures that in spite of having to spend more time in their work place to meet deadlines, a majority of the employees will be enthused and motivated with their work and workplace.

3) Looking Inward and Moving Forward:

It is advisable that companies design a program to create a happier workplace for their employees. One of the important questions every manager as well as his team member must ask themselves is, “What can I do to make my workplace a happier one?”.
The first step is determining what actually makes your employees and the organization happy; no two organizations are the same. Two key techniques are: directly asking employees and developing an employee suggestion system. Once you have feedback or the response from the suggestion system, you or the management can take appropriate steps to improve or implement the suggestions received.

4)  Surprise People Pleasantly!

It is important for an organization that its employees are cared for and given special attention. It can make them happy in their workplace. They get the feeling that the company really cares for them. Take your team out for lunch and have crazy talks, celebrate birthdays, arrange short trips to resorts, gift free passes for concerts etc. Many companies conduct various events in the office like family day, mother’s day etc. which usually give employees a chance to take their family to office. This in turn makes the family feel as an integral part of the employee workplace. These are minor perks that can cheer up an employee and help in building a bond. Compliment people freely, publicly and never neglect to give credit where it is due. In creating a happier workplace, keep in mind that workers thrive when they sense that they are being listened to, that their suggestions are valued, that the organization cares about their welfare and the welfare of their families.

5) Practice-don’t just preach:

It is important for managers to also do what they expect their employees to do. People do not do what you ask them to do; they always do what they see. It may be simple things like being on time, attending meetings on time etc. but it does matter. A manager of a team must lead by example and lead from the front. 

6)  Break the wall:

An open communication is the entrance to a happier organization. It may be a small matter, but people are happiest when they feel heard. Be a listening manager and a listening organization. Simple acts like saying hello, enquiring about one’s well being and sincerely caring about the answers are great starters. Equally important is maintaining transparency. Frequent communication of the goals and values of the company, the expectations you have from your employees would help. Acknowledge their ideas, suggestions and opinions. Let them have a say. However, it is also important to implement their suggestions when possible.

In conclusion, the management needs to set the tone to ensure that the workplace represents the drive, hopes and dreams of its workers. This could be a protection against the scourge of “presenteeism”-a condition where people show up for work but operate at subpar levels.

Satisfaction should be cornerstone of the office, happiness the aspiration! 

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Make your business solution 21st century compatible

February 13, 2013 Leave a comment

Technology is changing at the speed of our eye blink. Therefore it is becoming necessary to be awake round the clock. If you become even slightly negligent in your vigilance towards this changing scenario, there are chances that you may be backtracked in your activities. This is a lesson I am learning and practicing in my day to day life.

To survive and succeed in today’s competitive business front, businesses must embrace the new emerging technologies, new operating models and IT platforms that move beyond cost-cutting and enhance business performance.

I have noticed, many of today’s companies are built on business models and structures daring back to decades, that are dealing with big operational problems because they are simply unfit for the competi­tive exigencies of today’s requirements.  But to my surprised, many of these organizations are not ready for a change.  We can’t out rightly blame them, because old habits die hard.  Many of these companies still apply old physical value chain thinking to the emerging digital value chain, and this attitude is severely undermining the competitiveness of many companies.

Anyway, being a consultant, we must approach our clients on a positive note. Their reluctant attitude can make our job little tough but not impossible. It takes little more time to convince them the benefit of emerging technologies and the need for embracing the change. You can succeed in your effort if your intention is genuine which the decision-makers will recognize and accept.  The decision-makers also realizing that many entrenched organizational strategies, principles, methodolo­gies, processes and systems are decreasing in relevance therefore a change is a must to manage this fundamental shift in how business will be conducted in the coming years.

When I talk of structural changes in organization, it is not a common solution or formula. As every organization has its own operational methods and methodologies the structural changes also must be carried out at looking at the most elemental processes of a company. Every company can rethink how they can best align with new opportunities.

Emerging technologies also enables companies to maximize the utilization of both human and financial resources, better track vendor managed inventory and other off-site or remote stock, and significantly improve workflow management by better planning, mapping, and executing key processes across the business.

I don’t think I won’t be doing justice to myself if I don’t mention anything particular about our ERP system before ending this note. What is my advise to every growing organization is that they must realize that ERP systems have become the most significant IT investment for most companies in their capital budgeting. It is the business strategy that plays a very important role in choosing the right ERP and the successful implementation. Because of the specific features of resource ERP system, it is expected to go well with majority of the business process. eresource is being implemented successfully in major industrial segments and there is no concern about its functionality and module compatibility. Numerous case studies conducted successfully proves eresource ERP is one of the best enterprise software solution available in Indian market today. I can bet on it.


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We are not just a ERP Service provider or Technology Consultant

November 21, 2012 2 comments

What we bring into table is much more than a just a ERP Service Provider..

There is a reason to say this.

Generally, Enterprise product companies or technology consultants provide lots of rich functionalities to their customers so that the interaction between their organization and its customers can be made easier, which ultimately help their customers address issues faced in their business process.  Most of the time the consultants provide technology with loads of functionality that appears to them very useful for the customer.  However, the question is the Consultants really provide what the customer wants or what the customer really looking for? In my opinion customers must be provided with what they need, which will help them in their business process instead of forcing them to have what you have in your shelf.

Today’s customers are very enlightened lot. They must be provided with tools that could be used to overcome the challenges they may encounter in their everyday business process. Today no businessman will go for any technology unless that provides him adequate return on investment. They have their own reason to implement a technology. And if that purpose is not served there is no point in going for a technology, however advanced it may be. They have learned this lesson much thoroughly than most of today’s technology consultants.

Given my interaction with customers in the last 18 years, I understand that all manufacturers believe that they have designed their processes and practice which is unique. Simply put every manufacturers need something that is specific to them and will bring efficiency in their work and processes. They want something that will work seamlessly as per their business operation strategy and something that would simplify their work and processes.

What I would like to remind all my potential customers is please do not view eresource as just a technology enterprise product company because technology does not live in a vacuum. What we bring into the table is much bigger than just the enterprise product.   Our style of working method and understanding process of our customers business are unique. We do a thorough study of the operational processes. We map the customer’s requirement with our software and configure the same for our customers. We talk to our customers in their own language so that they understand us clearly and loudly.  We are the advocate of our customers to lead them and we make them believe in their ability to succeed.

We understand their culture, the leadership, the matrix, and the processes that are in place, the goals and the strategies. We then align the technology to get them results. We alert our customers in time and know them what is going wrong when everything has the appearance of being right. We explain them how the gap of wrong can be corrected through our software so that they can obtain result. We make sure that our customers get fast returns on the investment they make by investing in technology. We align things and think from the systemic view, so that our customers become much more successful in implementing technology and grow their business faster.

That’s our focus and our core goal.

Best Wishes
Sudheer Nair.

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Time is right for ERP implementation

November 16, 2012 Leave a comment

In a gathering of some long lost friends last week, I was introduced to a gentleman by one of my friends who I am meeting after 20 years. When the gentleman realized I was the CEO of eresource ERP, he started showing little more interest and wanted to have a more details on ERP. As he also owns a not-so-small company, he has a good reason for his interest. He was keen to implement a system that will give some breathing space in his hectic business schedule. As of now his business process are managed by different software applications, lack of coordination between different section is making his job tough.

I was telling him eresource ERP system is going to make his life easier.  He wanted to know the right time to implement an ERP system.  I emphasized the important of this period. As the end of financial year is fast approaching, I suggested him to implement the ERP system without losing further time. The reason why I say this is, when the system is implemented now and the staff is trained to handle them effectively, the company is going to have a full-fledged ERP system running in the coming financial year that will make his company operational excellence.

I have recommended all our potential customers to go for implementation during this time. When I say this to people they realize the importance and they also have the same opinion that this is the ideal time to implement an ERP system.

I hear people say how it is unimaginable to run a business without an ERP system.  They also thank me for giving them an ideal Web-based ERP system. It makes their job easier. A key to growth for any corporation is to have visibility of information so that the decision can be taken faster.  I tell them now that you can in work without being in your office room in front of your desktop PC. With a laptop and Internet connection you can be in touch with your business activities. Data from every department will be flowing in front of you. I myself having a system for our business process, I can get in touch with anyone — my colleagues, customers or any department — to review the latest updates of my business process.

I want to tell all our potential customers that to march ahead in your businesses you have to have a solid backing of an effective ERP system which will not only make your work easier but also will help you to stay ahead of your competitor in the field.  Once again I would like remind all of you that time is ripe for ERP implementation. I and my colleagues can go all out to help you in any matter in this regard.

We are waiting to hear from you on any issues that will be related to an ERP system.

I also wish all my customer season’s greetings and all the very best.

Sudheer Nair

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