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Cloud computing – what you know and want to know

January 24, 2012 Leave a comment

What wonders me sometime is, does people really know about Cloud Computing? Cloud is the one word that is overused and misunderstood in technology front today. In my professional career of 20 years, this is the third instance where I had to encounter with a concept like cloud technology. About 14 years ago, ASP (application service provider) was the conception. Five years ago, SAAS (Software-as-a-service) model evolved out of ASP. Lately, everyone is talking about Cloud computing. In my opinion, some aspects of ASP, SAAS and cloud computing are very similar. Simply put, ASP, SAAS and Cloud are different words but almost do the same thing. Eventually, ASP=SAAS=CLOUD.

ASP model concentrated on providing an organization with the ability to move certain application processing work to a third-party managed server. The model was not necessarily concerned about providing shared services to multiple tenants.

SAAS delivers single integrated solution through the web browser to many customers using a multi-tenant architecture. For the customer, it means no upfront investment, no extra hardware, no maintenance hassles and no need of an IT team to run the system. Customers have to pay only as they use it. However, if required SAAS model can be delivered on the premises on pay-as-used basis. But, in the case of SAAS on premises model, customers have to bear the upfront cost of hardware and maintenance. Payment of usage of the web application of this SAAS model could be made to the vendor as per pay-as-used method.

As the name indicates, in Cloud model computing application, the application will not be within the premise. The cloud computing web application is hosted on remote server, which can be called as a cloud server. Cloud servers are virtual servers that are available on rental and could be managed as per requirement of the customers. The server providers, that you have purchased the server from, installs the Operating System in the server and takes care of required licenses of the server.

eresource and Cloud

eresource was the first ERP system providers in India, that introduced 100% web based ERP system. eresource cloud model was designed keeping SAAS in mind. We have recently launched on the premises SAAS application model, providing customers complete control of the server and application.

As per the study carried out in the ERP market, we have been encouraged to concentrate on SAAS model application. Though the requirement varies on its Cloud and on the premises models, customers are being happy going for ERP models where the investment will be the minimum. What is more interesting is the fact that there are lots of mid-sized companies that are ready to make a substantial investment to have the SAAS model ERP with the on premises facility. The reason behind this thoughtful decision is its tangibility and reliability. However, it doesn’t make the other version any less reliable. It is just human that we are all more comfortable with what we can see and feel. Maybe that may the prime reason.

Cloud promises you to access your business information, any where and anytime.

Yes of course, we in eresource also encourage our customers to go for something nearer to their body physically, that can you see and feel .

However, the decision is up to you.

Cloud and Future

In an era of rapid technological obsolescence, no computing device’s future is assure. If you were to ask if cloud is the future.. then, in my opinion, The future beyond the Cloud is in our hands..

Sudheer Nair

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A big thank you to all eresource’ians for creating a new record in ERP implementation

January 16, 2012 1 comment

A big thank you to all eresource’ians for creating a new record in ERP implementation

First of all let me express my heartfelt congratulation to all eresourcees for achieving another milestone by the quickest ERP implementation ever carried out by the team. Thank you guys, you have proved once again that you are special.

Also I must express my gratitude to Mr. Sindbad Almahaire, who affectionately called as Mr. Sam, Managing Director, Byteware Technology, Dubai, for giving us an opportunity to carry out this record-breaking mission without any hurdles and hardship. I won’t be doing justice to myself if I do not mention the physical and moral support we have received from the members of Byteware team, namely, Rajeev,  Carmi, Phoebi, Annie, Mischelle, without them the mission would not been possible.

You may be aware that our New Year resolution was to carry out all our future implementations in ‘guaranteed 90-day Implementation method’.  However, it is sheer surprise that our first implementation of the New Year has been completed in a record-breaking 40-day time span.  A fabulous achievement, indeed.

It was all started when the company, the Byteware Technologies in Dubai has planned to implement an effective ERP system sometime in February 2011.  Though the company has evaluated many ERP products, they could not find a suitable one that will match with their requirement.  It was during the month of October 2011 that the company happened to established the rapport with us, eresource Infotech, and demanded a quick go and implementation process. The order was finally placed by the company in the month of November 2011 and wanted to see the project go live by January 2012.

The project covered end to end business functions, i.e. from Sales, Procurement, Material Management, Distribution, Warehouse Management, Project Sales and Finance.

Yes, of course, the project went live on January 8, 2012, as demanded by the company. A record-breaking achievement.

I am really proud of my teams whom have worked very hard to carry this project in record time.  My special thanks to the Project and technical support team for timely delivery, identifying and resolving an issue encountered during go-live occasion.  It is normal to encounter with some technical setbacks at the implementation time. But I have surprised this time there were hardly anything that took much time to resolve. The credit must be given where it is due.  Hats off to the whole team, especially to Priyanka Bhide (Sr. Developer), Nalini Gadyale (Project Leader), Pradyumna Sahoo (Sr. Functional Consultant), Kamlesh Choubey (Project Manager),  Ritu (Developer),  Amol Mahajan (Sr. Developer), Rajesh Yadav (Developer),  Rajendra (Sr. Developer) for the timely support during go-live.

I would like to emphasis that the accelerated implementation methodology as applied to the implementation of eresource brings many benefits to Byteware.   I hope that Byteware is happy that the project has been completed on time within the allotted budget. The solution enables Byteware to draw all disparate processes together to a single window, giving the company instant access to information and valuable insights to their business.
Before concluding let me once again thank all the people who have worked hard to make this project successful. I am looking forward to same cooperation, hardwork and sincerity from the team in all future projects.

Let me also express my special love and affection to everyone at Byteware Technology, especially to Mr. Sam

Have a great time.

Sudheer Nair

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