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We are not just a ERP Service provider or Technology Consultant

November 21, 2012 2 comments

What we bring into table is much more than a just a ERP Service Provider..

There is a reason to say this.

Generally, Enterprise product companies or technology consultants provide lots of rich functionalities to their customers so that the interaction between their organization and its customers can be made easier, which ultimately help their customers address issues faced in their business process.  Most of the time the consultants provide technology with loads of functionality that appears to them very useful for the customer.  However, the question is the Consultants really provide what the customer wants or what the customer really looking for? In my opinion customers must be provided with what they need, which will help them in their business process instead of forcing them to have what you have in your shelf.

Today’s customers are very enlightened lot. They must be provided with tools that could be used to overcome the challenges they may encounter in their everyday business process. Today no businessman will go for any technology unless that provides him adequate return on investment. They have their own reason to implement a technology. And if that purpose is not served there is no point in going for a technology, however advanced it may be. They have learned this lesson much thoroughly than most of today’s technology consultants.

Given my interaction with customers in the last 18 years, I understand that all manufacturers believe that they have designed their processes and practice which is unique. Simply put every manufacturers need something that is specific to them and will bring efficiency in their work and processes. They want something that will work seamlessly as per their business operation strategy and something that would simplify their work and processes.

What I would like to remind all my potential customers is please do not view eresource as just a technology enterprise product company because technology does not live in a vacuum. What we bring into the table is much bigger than just the enterprise product.   Our style of working method and understanding process of our customers business are unique. We do a thorough study of the operational processes. We map the customer’s requirement with our software and configure the same for our customers. We talk to our customers in their own language so that they understand us clearly and loudly.  We are the advocate of our customers to lead them and we make them believe in their ability to succeed.

We understand their culture, the leadership, the matrix, and the processes that are in place, the goals and the strategies. We then align the technology to get them results. We alert our customers in time and know them what is going wrong when everything has the appearance of being right. We explain them how the gap of wrong can be corrected through our software so that they can obtain result. We make sure that our customers get fast returns on the investment they make by investing in technology. We align things and think from the systemic view, so that our customers become much more successful in implementing technology and grow their business faster.

That’s our focus and our core goal.

Best Wishes
Sudheer Nair.

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Time is right for ERP implementation

November 16, 2012 Leave a comment

In a gathering of some long lost friends last week, I was introduced to a gentleman by one of my friends who I am meeting after 20 years. When the gentleman realized I was the CEO of eresource ERP, he started showing little more interest and wanted to have a more details on ERP. As he also owns a not-so-small company, he has a good reason for his interest. He was keen to implement a system that will give some breathing space in his hectic business schedule. As of now his business process are managed by different software applications, lack of coordination between different section is making his job tough.

I was telling him eresource ERP system is going to make his life easier.  He wanted to know the right time to implement an ERP system.  I emphasized the important of this period. As the end of financial year is fast approaching, I suggested him to implement the ERP system without losing further time. The reason why I say this is, when the system is implemented now and the staff is trained to handle them effectively, the company is going to have a full-fledged ERP system running in the coming financial year that will make his company operational excellence.

I have recommended all our potential customers to go for implementation during this time. When I say this to people they realize the importance and they also have the same opinion that this is the ideal time to implement an ERP system.

I hear people say how it is unimaginable to run a business without an ERP system.  They also thank me for giving them an ideal Web-based ERP system. It makes their job easier. A key to growth for any corporation is to have visibility of information so that the decision can be taken faster.  I tell them now that you can in work without being in your office room in front of your desktop PC. With a laptop and Internet connection you can be in touch with your business activities. Data from every department will be flowing in front of you. I myself having a system for our business process, I can get in touch with anyone — my colleagues, customers or any department — to review the latest updates of my business process.

I want to tell all our potential customers that to march ahead in your businesses you have to have a solid backing of an effective ERP system which will not only make your work easier but also will help you to stay ahead of your competitor in the field.  Once again I would like remind all of you that time is ripe for ERP implementation. I and my colleagues can go all out to help you in any matter in this regard.

We are waiting to hear from you on any issues that will be related to an ERP system.

I also wish all my customer season’s greetings and all the very best.

Sudheer Nair

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Eresource Family Day function did the Magic

November 14, 2012 Leave a comment

This was the first time we organized Family day party/function. Everyone had great time and I am so glad.

Generally every year we have eresource Traditional Day, which is a day before Dashera. Traditional Day is a day designated for people to come in traditional attire from their home state, or specific culture of their choice. On Traditional Day in eresource, the Bengali may wear a kurta and dhoti in Bangla style, a Maharashtrian might wear a saree and accessories in a particular Maharashtrian style, a Malayalee might wear a white shirt and mundu with gold borders. And so on. Traditional Day in eresource is observed as a celebration of eresource’s diverse culture, and is usually relax day with dance and games program.

This year we also celebrated “eresource Family Day” on 10th November 2012, a day before Deepavali.

We held the event at J K Auditorium, TMA House, Wagle Industrial Estate. We started off at 3.30 pm with lamp lighting ceremony performed by Mrs. Saudhamini Nair.

The event started with Welcome Song by eresource Team. Then the real fun came with Interactive game session.  Software professionals of eresource participated in many cultural programs,  Duet song, Solo Song, Group Songs, Group dance, Drama, Modern Bollywood style Ramayana and many other other activities. I am glad all Software Developers, Testers, ERP Implementors, Functional Consultants and Other IT Managers participated in the events and carried away the sweet memories with them.

I am glad all Software Developers, Testers, ERP Implementors, Functional Consultants and Other IT Managers participated in the events and carried away the sweet memories with them.

Few of our customers also attended the Program.

When it was all done at 7pm, we had a buffet dinner. Although a rather small gesture, I saw the recognition of its importance on the face of many folks.

Everyone sure seemed had  good time.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our Employees, Customers, Vendor Partners a wonderful & prosperous Deepavali. May all your dreams come true and long life with good health and wealth.

Sudheer Nair

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