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My long cherished dream – ERP training Center

August 27, 2011 2 comments

Dear Friends,

To launch an ERP training wing of eresource has been my long cherished dream. Today the dream becomes reality.  Friends, I am very proud to announce that eresource has finally been able to launch an ERP training centre.

Information technology is a backbone of any industries growth and ERP solution lays the foundation for achieving operational excellence for all Industry. Therefore, it is extremely important for every person in an organization to have a good knowledge of ERP.

eresource Academy is a training wing of eresource Infotech Pvt. Ltd ( ) . where you can learn about the enterprise process from the Sales Management to the finance management and beyond. eresource academy has developed training program dedicated to users in every aspect of the Integrated ERP software system. Its exclusive two-day basic ERP training course gives an opportunity to the users of ERP systems and other IT professionals to get acquainted with ERP software. This course caters to the vocational needs of the students and is concurrent with the software engineering and technology syllabus covered by the major universities.

I am also grateful to all our customers, industry associates and other well wishers who have given me the inspiration and constant support for setting up of eresource Academy. In turn, eresource Academy is committed to give back all its supporters by offering various educational and training programs, courses, seminars, workshops, experts’ lectures, technical consulting, etc on ERP.

 The training will be supported with the help of live projects in ERP Packages which provides industrial exposure to the candidates. We will also help our candidates find suitable jobs in ERP space in many multinational companies in India and abroad. .

 I heartily invite eresource customers, students of business schools, students of commerce and Information technology, young entrepreneurs to register for eresource training programs. Please visit to know more about the course details. The program is modeled keeping non-IT, non-finance persons in mind using jargon-free, user-friendly language.

We can once again assure you that our two-day training session could transform you into a real enterprise professional For more information on eresource academy, please visit our website

Thanking you,
Sudheer Nair

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Because you can’t do Today’s job with yesterday’s method and Be in Business Tomorrow..

August 17, 2011 1 comment

The only thing that is Constant for organization is challenges. For your business that means that the challenges you encounter will continue to change. As one problem is solved, another will emerge. But while some organization struggle to survive, other will emerge even stronger. Is there are a way that you can give your company an edge? Making the right decisions, based on your unique strengths is more critical then ever.  Whether your goal is maintaining your market position or improving it, flawless execution is a must.  Your business must grow to survive. But to grow and compete effectively in today’s rapidly changing marketplace you must have a strong foundation that allows for quick, insightful decisions.  Having worked for decades with the world’s most successful companies – through up cycles and down – we have the experience to help you come out at the top.

Talk to us to see how we can help in helping your company grow and gain operational excellence.

Sudheer Nair
eresource Infotech Private Limited

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