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Daughter wanted to be a doctor, not an ERP consultant

September 23, 2011 4 comments

Generally I reach home late, say about 10:30pm. If I happen to reach early around 8, my daughter asks me “aaj half day tha kya?”

When I reached home yesterday as usual I found my daughter was not joyous as normally she is. I asked her why she looks dull today.

“Dad, mein thoda confused hoon. I am really concerned about my career”, she said.

“You are very young to get confused about your career. You should be concentrating on your studies rather than bothering about your career now. We shall decide about your career when it is a right time”, I replied.

“No dad tum samajte nahi ho my friends have all decided about their career and I am the only one left to make any decision yet,” she expressed her concerns.

Ok, tell me what the matter of your confusion is,” I asked her.

“Well dad, I actually want to be a doctor and my friends suggest that I be a pilot. So, I am a bit confused whether to opt for a doctor as a career or as pilot”, she said.

“Doctor is a tedious job and pilot is a risky job, why don’t you be an ERP consultant,” I tried to influence her.

“Dad, after seeing your work stress, I will never be an ERP consultant,” she said.

I tried to convince her and said “There is so much to learn out of ERP profession. Every day you learn new processes, different industries has different processes. You get to learn how a different industry works. “ I continued. “For instance, my company is conducting training on Pharmaceutical ERP next month and I am going to conduct the training. As I am in this industry for long time now, I also know how Pharmaceutical Industry or any process industry works. To the extend I would be teaching students about validation controls and statutory compliances in the Pharmaceutical industry besides the batch process manufacturing of Pharmaceutical products like tablets, capsules, ointment, syrups or any other product. In short complete standard Operating procedure of  Pharmaceutical industry will be taught and also will be taught is how to map in ERP. So you see. You see the advantage of being an ERP consultant. Being one you know almost all industry functions. Are you getting my point?” I asked her.

“Are you trying to say that ERP consultant is the most recognized career in the Information technology?” she started showing some interest in the subject ( I assumed).

ERP is a recognized computer career and is among the top career choices made by students in India and globally. ERP in simple words, deals with design, creation and maintenance of Integrated software program to control flow of information in all departments of a business like finance, human resource, sales, customer care, production and inventory”, I explained.

“All this sounds very confusing to me,” she said. Besides I don’t find the ERP thing interesting and I think I must opt for medicine only,” she said.  “Being a doctor I will be able to serve many people who are really in need of help. Apart from a profession my service can also be rendered for a social cause,” she said.

I have realized that I am only wasting our time by trying to convince her and she has already made up her mind.

“Okay, having decided about your future career, I have one suggestion. Why don’t you become a veterinary doctor? I asked her.

“Why veterinary doctor?” she questioned.

“Not only that it can save little bit of my bank balance but also your patients won’t come up with complaints even if you prescribe them some wrong medicine,” I said.

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eresource ERP Training Workshop

September 1, 2011 5 comments

eresource academy brochure_2_day_workshop

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