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The Next Billionaire


Recently I was interviewed on BBC News World for their “Weekend” program, which is a mixture of different news items. In the India Report, I was featured under “The Next Billionaire” section ( http://www.bbc.com/news/business-28001511 ). The whole thing has left me  think about what is it about being a rich man.


sudheernairbbcWhen we started eresource our intention was not just make more money, but incidentally we made money by selling an excellent ERP Software. We are a product company and we love great products. It is our inclination to make a great ERP product that we would be proud of. That made eresource possible.  Today people are looking eresource has a reliable ERP system and that was our dream. We are happy that our dream has come true. At eresource we always work as a team. There is not much difference between employer and employee. We have created a working atmosphere where everyone feels relaxed and performs their duty in a very efficient manner. We are always trying to do better and keep our customers happy and satisfied. That is our prime objective.  We don’t claim eresource is the best product in the ERP market, but there is no doubt we are second to none. We do not count our success based on the right column in our balance sheet, but implementing the right solution to our customers.  Our customers are our guiding spirit.  We work as per their requirement and implement a great product which brings smiles in their faces. We value that smiles bigger than any other rewards and money that we can earn.


As far as I am concerned, I have never worried about money.  I have not born rich. Today, if at all, I have some money it is made  through sheer hard work and dedication.. I have seen both sides of life. Therefore, nothing can stop me from taking risk and growing high. That’s the one lesson I have learned from my life.  eresource is result of that attitude. From a humble beginning to the CEO of India’s leading ERP software company, I dedicate my success to my own hard work and self confidence, nothing else.  People ask me what was my capital when I started eresource. My answer to them is: in terms of money nil, only hard work and self-confidence. Today when I am looking back, I must be a fully satisfied person,  because I was instrumental in  producing a product that will be cherished for years to come.

However, I have more miles to go before I sleep.

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