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New Year Wishes to all members of eresource Family

December 31, 2011 Leave a comment


We are approaching the end of yet another year, one that has brought much success to our company.

When we look back on 2011 we can certainly count our successes in the industry. We are a step away from reaching the very top of our game.

At the core of eresource is our personal commitment to our employees, it is our interest to provide you with the ideal work environment, a workplace that improves the quality of our professional and personal lives. It is through this commitment that we continue to inspire excellence and efficiency from each other. Often working in the spirit of respectful collaboration and cooperation.

As we welcome the New Year, let us reaffirm our collective dedication to the company. Together, we shall continue to build a strong ERP solution and continue to render on-time support to our customers.

I wish you all and your families- good health, love and happiness in 2012!


Sudheer Nair

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A New Year resolution that is to be kept…

December 16, 2011 Leave a comment

A New Year resolution that is to be kept…

Now that 2011 is about to say good bye and the first dawn of 2012 is getting ready to rise in the horizon, it is also time for us to make resolutions. Unlike the usual New Year resolutions that are made and broken later, I wanted to see to that we, I and my colleagues in eresource, must make some resolution that is kept for the whole year and many more years to come. We all have to make our New year resolutions, I said. I expect each of us to give up something that you do..

It is just coincidence that the wife is also one of my colleagues. In the staff meeting I have decided to start from her and requested to make her resolution first.

“I don’t think I will be able to make any resolution. As you know you don’t pay even for the household expenses and all the expenses are managed by my income and I have left with no money to spend on myself so there is nothing to give up.” what I suggest is you must make the first resolution by saying that you will manage the household expenses from coming year,” the wife said.

“Please come to your consciousness. This is not home and we are not discussing family matters. If you don’t want to make any resolution then leave it, but don’t get personal.” I said.

Though with little embarrassing mindset and to defuse the situation, I turned to Devendra, the Director-Operations. “Mr. Devendra, I hope you can make a resolution,” I said.

As usual he was ready to tackle any crisis situation. He said: “Well, I am ready to make the resolution. I am going to quit the smoking,” he said.

“Quit smoking? But you don’t smoke,” I said, “you know that you can’t give up something which you are not doing now,” I made him understand.

“That’s not a problem, sir,”” he said and continued, “I can smoke for next five days and quit from January 1. Is it okay?” he asked.

“Devendra, smoking is not a good habit. If you haven’t smoked till now you should never do it your life. Even if it for making a resolution,” I explained.

As my second attempt to get a resolution also flopped, I looked at Suresh, one of our Implementer of eresource ERP system. I said, Suresh you smoke, so you can make a resolution that you will quit the smoking.

“Sir, I have a big respect for your thoughts and ideas and I have never disobeyed your suggestions. I have no problem in making a resolution to give up smoking as you said. However, this will be eighth time I will be making the same resolution and I am getting little bored of it. So please allow me some change this time,” Suresh said and asked, “Can I make a resolution that resolve not visiting customers Onsite for ERP implementation?,” he asked.

“No, never,” I said, “I am not forcing you to quit smoking but there is no such resolution of not going for onsite ERP implementation. Resolutions are normally made to get rid of bad habits. Going to onsite for implementation is part of your job and when you stop doing it you will also be someone without a job.” I said.

“I think you are wasting your time and our time. Will you please allow us to work?” the wife was getting little irritated.

“Ok, one last attempt” I said. “Let us resolve not to have any resolutions this year that demands giving up things. Our resolution is to achieve something.” I looked at all my colleagues and said, “this year we guarantee all our customers of ERP implementation in 90 days,” I said and continued, “in eresource we will go an extra mile to ensure that our customers get the full benefit of our system. When customer signs an agreement with us for implementing an ERP system, we will make it sure that success is on their way. The 90 days implementation not a new concept for us, what we are emphasizing is that in the coming year all our implementations will follow this method of guaranteed-90-day-implementation. This is our New Year resolution,” I concluded.

As I was about to end up the meeting and get up from the chair, I turned to the wife and whispered, I have resolved to pay for the household expense in the New Year. At last peace at home is also resolved.

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