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We are not just a ERP Service provider or Technology Consultant

What we bring into table is much more than a just a ERP Service Provider..

There is a reason to say this.

Generally, Enterprise product companies or technology consultants provide lots of rich functionalities to their customers so that the interaction between their organization and its customers can be made easier, which ultimately help their customers address issues faced in their business process.  Most of the time the consultants provide technology with loads of functionality that appears to them very useful for the customer.  However, the question is the Consultants really provide what the customer wants or what the customer really looking for? In my opinion customers must be provided with what they need, which will help them in their business process instead of forcing them to have what you have in your shelf.

Today’s customers are very enlightened lot. They must be provided with tools that could be used to overcome the challenges they may encounter in their everyday business process. Today no businessman will go for any technology unless that provides him adequate return on investment. They have their own reason to implement a technology. And if that purpose is not served there is no point in going for a technology, however advanced it may be. They have learned this lesson much thoroughly than most of today’s technology consultants.

Given my interaction with customers in the last 18 years, I understand that all manufacturers believe that they have designed their processes and practice which is unique. Simply put every manufacturers need something that is specific to them and will bring efficiency in their work and processes. They want something that will work seamlessly as per their business operation strategy and something that would simplify their work and processes.

What I would like to remind all my potential customers is please do not view eresource as just a technology enterprise product company because technology does not live in a vacuum. What we bring into the table is much bigger than just the enterprise product.   Our style of working method and understanding process of our customers business are unique. We do a thorough study of the operational processes. We map the customer’s requirement with our software and configure the same for our customers. We talk to our customers in their own language so that they understand us clearly and loudly.  We are the advocate of our customers to lead them and we make them believe in their ability to succeed.

We understand their culture, the leadership, the matrix, and the processes that are in place, the goals and the strategies. We then align the technology to get them results. We alert our customers in time and know them what is going wrong when everything has the appearance of being right. We explain them how the gap of wrong can be corrected through our software so that they can obtain result. We make sure that our customers get fast returns on the investment they make by investing in technology. We align things and think from the systemic view, so that our customers become much more successful in implementing technology and grow their business faster.

That’s our focus and our core goal.

Best Wishes
Sudheer Nair.

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  1. Monica
    January 3, 2013 at 7:20 am

    Hello Sir,

    I am a Business Analyst in pune working in construction Domain. I am impressed with the ventures that Your organization ia taking up. I am also looking for a change in my job. I would like to send my CV for your persual if you can provide me with a email id where i can send you my CV.

    Looking forward to have a poisitive reply from you.

    My email id is salvi.monica7@gmail.com


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