Eresource Family Day function did the Magic

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This was the first time we organized Family day party/function. Everyone had great time and I am so glad.

Generally every year we have eresource Traditional Day, which is a day before Dashera. Traditional Day is a day designated for people to come in traditional attire from their home state, or specific culture of their choice. On Traditional Day in eresource, the Bengali may wear a kurta and dhoti in Bangla style, a Maharashtrian might wear a saree and accessories in a particular Maharashtrian style, a Malayalee might wear a white shirt and mundu with gold borders. And so on. Traditional Day in eresource is observed as a celebration of eresource’s diverse culture, and is usually relax day with dance and games program.

This year we also celebrated “eresource Family Day” on 10th November 2012, a day before Deepavali.

We held the event at J K Auditorium, TMA House, Wagle Industrial Estate. We started off at 3.30 pm with lamp lighting ceremony performed by Mrs. Saudhamini Nair.

The event started with Welcome Song by eresource Team. Then the real fun came with Interactive game session.  Software professionals of eresource participated in many cultural programs,  Duet song, Solo Song, Group Songs, Group dance, Drama, Modern Bollywood style Ramayana and many other other activities. I am glad all Software Developers, Testers, ERP Implementors, Functional Consultants and Other IT Managers participated in the events and carried away the sweet memories with them.

I am glad all Software Developers, Testers, ERP Implementors, Functional Consultants and Other IT Managers participated in the events and carried away the sweet memories with them.

Few of our customers also attended the Program.

When it was all done at 7pm, we had a buffet dinner. Although a rather small gesture, I saw the recognition of its importance on the face of many folks.

Everyone sure seemed had  good time.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our Employees, Customers, Vendor Partners a wonderful & prosperous Deepavali. May all your dreams come true and long life with good health and wealth.

Sudheer Nair

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Real Growth is: Operational Excellence = Increase in Profit.

Your business must grow to survive. But to grow and compete effectively in today’s rapidly changing marketplace you must have a strong foundation that allows for quick, insightful decisions. ERP provides access to the data needed to gain that insight. A fully integrated ERP platform designed to grow with your business can increase efficiency, reduce costs and pro­vide better information for quicker reaction to changing market conditions. It’s the solid base on which to build an agile organization.

 Let me give you a case study of a leading Manufacturing company who wanted eresource to perform OPERATIONAL audit, they wanted eresource to know, what was going wrong when everything had the appearance of being right !. The audit was performed by the consultancy division of eresource Infotech.

Here is an example of a company which suffered heavily due to an outdated legacy system. Some time back the management of one of the Manufacturing Company in India has assigned eresource to perform an operation audit. Though everything seems to be working for the company the management knew it wasn’t fine with everything inside the company. But they couldn’t figure out where the problem was and who could be blamed. The company’s technology operations were running on a legacy system. The company had 5 branches in different places across the country, out of which 3 where manufacturing units. The company manufacturing 800 products and each product carrying close to 30 Bill of Materials (BOM).

Like I said earlier, though work moved smoothly they were faced with lot of service difficulties. Despite of high business potential deliverables were always late, which resulted in payment of huge penalties. High Level of inventory made a further hole in the pocket of the company.  Too much inventory not only eats up the working capital of a company and creates cash flow problems but it also needs additional space and people to manage it. Poor and inefficient production planning added further financial woes. Dispatches were not happening on time, Supply chain where always delayed, managing resources were difficult, but were managed. Despite of high demands, the supply was low.

First what we did was a detailed assessment of how they have worked. We spoke to everyone right from the Vice President to production operators. They were all carrying out their work satisfactorily and within the acceptable tolerance.  After going through a thorough study of their legacy system it was found that it the legacy system lacked in providing transparent strategic information.

Every department worked in isolation and has its own systems of data collection and analysis. So the information that is created or generated by the various departments, in most cases is available only to the top management (that too summary reports) and not to the other departments. So the end result was that instead of taking the organization towards the common goal the various departments end up pulling it in different direction. This is because one department does not know what the other does.  So unless and until all the departments know what the others are doing and for what purpose, these kinds of conflicts are bound to arise which ultimately will affect the normal functioning of the organization.

Our presentation of enterprise way of functioning enabled them to understand how an ERP solution will be useful for an organization and how the enterprise solution considers the entire organization as a single system and all the departments as its sub-systems. They have also been fully convinced of how information about all the aspects of the organization is stored centrally and is available to all departments.

Since the implementation of eresource ERP the organization has started working successfully in co-ordination with all departments and sections, which produces a good end result. eresource helped company gain operational excellence.

 My question to you is, is your business achieving Operational Excellence? 

Watch this space to know more about Operational Excellence”

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“eresource la sakale olakthath” (everybody knows eresource)

July 13, 2012 2 comments

Like I said earlier, my work demands a lot of travelling and the latest addition to my travel list is Nashik. My last visit to Nashik has more reason to cheer with. This trip made me realize eresource is indeed the fastest growing ERP tool in India.

Being caught in the heavy traffic  on Mumbai-Nashik highway, you are never sure that you will be able to make it on time for the appointment.  But once you crawl out of traffic and start cutting through the Kasara Ghats, the mountain ranges in India’s west that also brings down the rains in Mumbai in middle of the year, it is an altered universe. As the land curves up and then plunges down into a valley, you are liberated. Almost three and half hours on the road and you’ve zipped into India’s Napa Valley—Nashik On route I could see kids playing jhattapatti. (I do not know an English name to refer that game.). it is a game played by kids in most part of Maharashtra. The game is like one of the players hits or touches another then that kid goes on to touch another kid, and so on. The game involves a lot of running barefoot, and sometimes you don’t know if the resounding slaps are coming from the feet on concrete, or from sweaty hands on skin. This reminded me of school days when we used to play Jhattapatti, dabaspice, Lagori.  Don’t ask me what it means, because that’s all I know. Anyways, let me come back to where I started, Nashik trip.

I finally reached Nashik at 11:00am. , one hour late than the scheduled appointment time.

End of our  meeting which lasted for more than an hour with detailed discussion and deliberations, I have realized that the customer was extremely unhappy with his previous ERP provider. He was very critical about not only the product but also the implementation methods also the other services. I would not name the vendor here because I honestly don’t remember the name of that vendor now. He named some ERP Vendor, to me that appeared like some local ERP vendor based out of Nashik.  He was complaining in his usual tone; “Tumhala bolu ka? Teh log evun paishe gyun gele, pan ERP kadhi implement zala nahin.. (They came, took the money and left, but the ERP was never implemented).

,I asked the customer in whatever little Marathi I could speak “Bara, tar tumhi aata eresource la kasa bulavla?” (I can understand, but can u tell me what prompted you to call us?  Customer said “eresource la log olaktoh aani sagalanya mahit aahe ke eresource chaan ERP product ahe.. Manoon tumhala bulavla.. (He said, everyone knows eresource, and everyone knows what a great product they make. That is the reason we called you.

An agreement to implement eresource ERP was signed at the end of the meeting.
In the last 8 years we hardly had any customer in Nashik, However, during the last five months we have succeeded in roping in three customers and for out of one of them the system already running live and work on others are in progress. I am glad eresource is delivering on time, on target and at the location.

After a lavish Maharashtrian thaali, courtesy the customer, I left Nashik and proceeded to Mumbai.  In a normal day I would have felt very dull after a heavy meal like the one that he has offered. But not on that that day,  I was fully energetic. I was pondering how important is one sentence, or one smile that can bring in your life? I have realized that how true it is that a word that can make your day. Yes. That day of mine was made by a word said by the customer – everybody knows about eresource  Yes, I am proud to be associated with eresource.  eresource is respected and recognized because of its experise, know-how and focus on quality.

Clouds were setting on the skyline of Nashik Mumbai  highway. Western ghats looks beautiful in rains. As I was approaching igatpuri, I could see kids were playing lagori in the nearby fields near their homes. I too was picked up liking of lagori during my school days, Lagori is a game played with seven tiles and a ball. There will two teams. As the games starts one of the members from one team throws a soft ball at the tiles which is kept one up on one. As ball breaks the brick tower, the other team gets the ball and throws at one of the players from the other team. But the team that broke the tile tower must build the tower without getting hit by the ball.

The game needs good physical excise. Building the tower, brick by brick, without getting hit by the ball thrown by your opponents is a game we play not only in field but also in life. I was thinking life is also a big game like the one that I have witnessed a while ago.  I feel happy and realize that challenges are faced in right manner when I hear someone say, eresource la sakale olakthath That makes my day.

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Meeting the mid-sized co-passenger

My work demands a lot of traveling. If I calculate the hours I spend in flights and cars it will be much more the hours I spend in office or at home with my family. It is not that I am fond of travelling, but I have no option.

Like everything in life there is also other side to it. Though you cannot enjoy your family life as much you want due to your hectic travel schedule, the people you meet during your travel time brings unforgettable experience which cannot be achieved by sitting at our office or at your home.

Though I meet lot of interesting people as co-passengers, this particular person, who was sitting next to me during my recent trip to Saudi Arabia, was exceptionally interesting.

He was young like me and was in his forties. I am yet to figure out whether a charming person in his forties to be referred as young or mid-aged.  Anyway, as I also fall in that category let me address him as a young man.

He runs his own business, a manufacturing unit in Mumbai. Not so big not so small.  In technical norms we call it as mid-sized business. I am happy that thought I can’t refer him as mid-aged at least I have the privilege to refer his business at mid-sized.

I introduced myself as a person dealing with ERP technology.  As soon as he heard the word ERP he has become more curious. He started talking to me like a close friend who has been long-lost.

He has been well-fed about ERP technology. I could make out from the way he was presenting his case. Their company has been approached by almost all the big names in the ERP space and his company is in the final stage of finalizing one of them.

“So at last you have decided to implement an ERP system, that is good sign,” I said.

“No. That’s not right.  We have held a series of managerial meetings for the last couple of months after the evaluation of almost all these ERP systems and have decided which ERP system must not be implemented,” he said.

“Oh, I see,” I said. “Can you elaborate?” I asked him.

“We have thought of implementing SAP. As you know, SAP is the indisputable leader in field.  We have evaluated that SAP almost does every functions of a company and each version adds better help and functionality. But there is a problem with SAP. First of all it is very expensive affair. Also there is a belief that SAP delights in frustrating its users and wasting their time. The learning curve is probably this product’s other drawback,” he said.

“That’s really a problem. So what was your next option?” I asked.

“Of course Oracle,” he said.  “But there are also hurdles.  These kind of big brands are not handled by small ERP vendors. In reality, the mid-sized ERP vendors can better respond to their customers’ requirements than larger vendors. If required you can talk directly to the CEO of the companies to get your problem solved, which won’t be possible with these big brands. So we are little hesitant,” he said.

“I see, it seems that your management is having a difficult time in finalizing it,” I said.

“Yes, that’s true,” he said. “You see, there is MS Navision, Our last meeting discussed MS Navision in details.  It has been one of the best products available in the ERP market today. Why we are not so enthusiastic about the deal is, there is a common belief that the system appears very rigid with lot of data elements thus not making it User Friendly. Besides, it is expensive. Our management is looking for a system which will be affordable, sophisticated, and flexible and more importantly user friendly,” he said.

“I appreciate your stand,” I said and enquired “at last which system you have decided to implement?”

“Actually those meeting that were held till last week discussing which ERP systems are not to be implemented. We will have a series of meetings in the coming weeks to discuss which ERP system to be implemented.” he said.

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ASET – A new initiative from eresource.

Eresource wants to revolutionize the world of IT, while supporting the social cause of the society.

I am very excited to introduce a new initiative from eresource that will help young aspirant graduates marvel in the Information technology.

Eresource has introduced ASET (Advanced Software Engineering & Technology) program. ASET is managed by eresource Academy the software training wing of eresource Infotech Pvt. Ltd. This program is dedicated to beginners in the industry who are just out of the colleges and looking for a job with proper training environment. ASET is our latest way of adding to our eresource community and we are excited to be launching it in July 2012. This Eighteen months intensive ASET programme follows a unique “work while you study” methodology that offers you the chance to learn theory, and apply it while you work.

Once you become an ASET Associate, you will be placed under training in eresource Academy, the software training wing of eresource, India’s leading Web-based ERP developers. ASET, the training program designed by eresource Academy has been an innovative method of making young and aspirant Computer Graduates to marvel in the IT field.

Student selection will be filtered through entrance exam, followed by online test and Group discussion. ASET is eighteen month course. Students will be offered a stipend of Rs. 8000 per month after the first semester, Rs. 10,000 after the second semester and Rs. 12,500 after the third semester. Successful students will be placed as Software Trainees in eresource Infotech with a starting salary of Rs. 240,000 annual package after six month of successful completion of the third semester of the training course.

As an ASET intern, students will be working alongside some of the brightest minds in the industry and learning from accomplished faculty from academia. For more information on ASET, please visit

I want to wish all the best to all students in the selection process.
Sudheer Nair
Founder & CEO

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Business is not a path of roses – It is the journey that matters, not the destination.

Business is not a path of roses

It is the journey is that matters, not the destination, a precious lesson I have learned from my own experience.

To be honest, the past month was eventful, projects going live in record breaking time, launch of ERP on the cloud and more importantly increase in the sales figure. Come to think of it, this trend is going on since last eight to ten months. Last quarter of the financial year had picked up especially well with about 20% of growth. In my opinion, growth is inevitable if you are consistent and persist for longer. I had been telling this ever since the inception of eresource, it is the journey that matters, not the destination.

As you will agree that in any extend the technology grow, the awareness about the advantages and technical benefits have not been understood the way it should have been. I think the blame for this must go to the software firms. I firmly believe that the process of creating awareness of your products’ functioning and usage to your aspirant customers is important than just selling it to them.

Why I say this is, as it so often happens, customers assume ERP implementation will eliminate redundancy 100%. I wish that was true. Unfortunately it is not. Then comes the next question, why should ERP be implemented? I will say, to gain operational excellence in your business. It is simple as that. When you learn to gain operational excellence as a successful company in today’s extremely competitive business world, you have won the half battle. Invariably this will automatically lead to growth. That is a continuity process.

When implemented, ERP automates business process that gives visibility of information, allows you to take decision faster and eliminates duplication of work. ERP gives three important capabilities to your information system: consistency and reliability of data across the organization; streamlined transaction processing and provides operations level reporting. These capabilities, basic and important as they are, ensure that companies are ready for specific solutions that enhance performance.  It is the journey that matters.

Once implemented initially you may feel working with ERP a little tough as you, tell then. have been working or non-working on an integrated system. The positive side result of an ERP system is that the growth from it is permanent. It’s consistent and persistent over the extended period of time. ERP is a boost dosage for growth but a dosage after all needs to be administered with finesse and professionalism.

As player or a team which possess an killing instinct to win the matches or games he or they plays, a businessman or a company must have the will power to face the challenges to thrive for growth. I feel I grow every day, physically as well as professionally. I will be a dead person when the growth stops growing. That’s my philosophy. Every businessman must think in that angle. That’s where the success lies.

When you start the journey, do not worry about the destination. It is your duty to start your journey and contribute whatever you can to make the journey success as well as face the consequence with courage. As a company if you feel you are unable to take decision, not been able to dispatch goods on time, there are financial crunches at the end of each month, you must ponder and find out the reason for the situation and solution to overcome that. No business can diminish if it has been managed well. What you must think of is to gain operational excellence. And for that you must have a systematic business system that is none other than an ERP. Implement it as early as you can and see the difference that can bring in your business.

Like someone aid, life is not a bed or roses. I will add to it, even if someone’s life has been a bed of roses, surely business is not a path of roses. Walk the walk if you can only tolerate the pain. Surely there will be light at end of the tunnel.

 Have a great time.

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Customer Help Desk Portal Announcement

February 29, 2012 Leave a comment

Dear all Stakeholders,

Customer service and Support had always been and will always be the top business priority for eresource. It has been our constant efforts to deliver and render services on time, on target and at the location parameter.  The eresource team has been working consistently to improve our customer service and we are glad that despite the exponential growth of eresource since last few years, the support has only improved better and better by each passing year.

Till now the support request were logged either on phone or through emails or through distributed help desk software. Given this different mode of support log, although the support were rendered on-time, often the customers had difficulties tracing and monitoring the status of support requests logged and support requests pending. We now have decided to solve this shortcoming by introducing a more reliable support request method.

The launch of our online HELPDESK portal has become a more sophisticated way for support request for our esteemed customers. This online help desk is a centralized system integrated with the project Management Solution (PMS) of eresource. All support requests logged by our customers will now have a unique Ticket number. The ticket number will be traceability code for the support log. All support requests logged by our customers will be automatically updated in the Project Management system of eresource.

Customers will also intimated through a notification on their cell phone regarding the support request as well as after the support request has been attended with their respective ticket number. This cell phone updates will be an additional facility to the normal notification on their email account.

Customers will be provided with separate username and password to log and track support tickets on the ONLINE Help Desk portal  The online help Desk portal will be launched no 1st March 2012. eresoure customer support team will  e-mail  your respective Login ID and Password shortly.

This helpdesk is one more proof that we treat our customers like King. Yes, for us customer is always the King.

Thank you for all the support rendered to serve you better.

Sudheer Nair
Eresource Infotech Pvt Ltd

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