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Business is not a path of roses – It is the journey that matters, not the destination.

Business is not a path of roses

It is the journey is that matters, not the destination, a precious lesson I have learned from my own experience.

To be honest, the past month was eventful, projects going live in record breaking time, launch of ERP on the cloud and more importantly increase in the sales figure. Come to think of it, this trend is going on since last eight to ten months. Last quarter of the financial year had picked up especially well with about 20% of growth. In my opinion, growth is inevitable if you are consistent and persist for longer. I had been telling this ever since the inception of eresource, it is the journey that matters, not the destination.

As you will agree that in any extend the technology grow, the awareness about the advantages and technical benefits have not been understood the way it should have been. I think the blame for this must go to the software firms. I firmly believe that the process of creating awareness of your products’ functioning and usage to your aspirant customers is important than just selling it to them.

Why I say this is, as it so often happens, customers assume ERP implementation will eliminate redundancy 100%. I wish that was true. Unfortunately it is not. Then comes the next question, why should ERP be implemented? I will say, to gain operational excellence in your business. It is simple as that. When you learn to gain operational excellence as a successful company in today’s extremely competitive business world, you have won the half battle. Invariably this will automatically lead to growth. That is a continuity process.

When implemented, ERP automates business process that gives visibility of information, allows you to take decision faster and eliminates duplication of work. ERP gives three important capabilities to your information system: consistency and reliability of data across the organization; streamlined transaction processing and provides operations level reporting. These capabilities, basic and important as they are, ensure that companies are ready for specific solutions that enhance performance.  It is the journey that matters.

Once implemented initially you may feel working with ERP a little tough as you, tell then. have been working or non-working on an integrated system. The positive side result of an ERP system is that the growth from it is permanent. It’s consistent and persistent over the extended period of time. ERP is a boost dosage for growth but a dosage after all needs to be administered with finesse and professionalism.

As player or a team which possess an killing instinct to win the matches or games he or they plays, a businessman or a company must have the will power to face the challenges to thrive for growth. I feel I grow every day, physically as well as professionally. I will be a dead person when the growth stops growing. That’s my philosophy. Every businessman must think in that angle. That’s where the success lies.

When you start the journey, do not worry about the destination. It is your duty to start your journey and contribute whatever you can to make the journey success as well as face the consequence with courage. As a company if you feel you are unable to take decision, not been able to dispatch goods on time, there are financial crunches at the end of each month, you must ponder and find out the reason for the situation and solution to overcome that. No business can diminish if it has been managed well. What you must think of is to gain operational excellence. And for that you must have a systematic business system that is none other than an ERP. Implement it as early as you can and see the difference that can bring in your business.

Like someone aid, life is not a bed or roses. I will add to it, even if someone’s life has been a bed of roses, surely business is not a path of roses. Walk the walk if you can only tolerate the pain. Surely there will be light at end of the tunnel.

 Have a great time.

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